How bad do you want Success?

So a buddy of mine showed me this video a couple of years ago and the message it delivers has really stuck to me ever since. The speaker in the video is Greg Plitt, a successful fitness model who served as a United States Army Ranger for 5 years. Everyone’s journey to success as well as the struggles encountered are different but Greg expresses the extent to which we should all strive to meet our goals, whatever they may be. As the economy fluctuates through the years and job opportunities become scarce, we are faced with a further challenging work sector in where its becoming harder to get a job and attain our goals. The message this video delivers puts into perspective whether we are really trying to reach our goals or just giving it half the fight we really have in us. I feel everyone needs some sort of motivational speech once in a while especially when you are beginning to feel discouraged because of how long the journey is. Greg Plitt is a great speaker that I enjoy listening to, whether it may be to apply in the gym or in my daily life. Hopefully this video helps you guys avoid sinking in the sea and rather fight through it.



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