# 9 Deepest Lake in the World!!

# 9 Deepest Lake in the World!!

First off wanted to thank Priyanka for giving me the idea of posting this picture, as she had posted a picture of one of the tallest buildings in the world, so what better way to follow up than with one of the deepest lakes in the world. This picture is of Crater Lake which is located in the Southern Central part of Oregon. Two years ago I spent a couple months working up in Oregon and took the opportunity to visit this Natural beauty twice in my time out there. Crater Lake is currently ranked 9th deepest lake in the world with a depth of 594 meters, or 1949 feet, and measures 6 miles across. The history of the lake is just as amazing as its depth. Crater Lake was once a volcano that went by the name Mount Mazama thousands of years ago and following an eruption collapsed on itself creating the caldera rim, bowl looking feature that we see today. It took hundreds of years of rain and snow accumulation to fill the bowl with what makes up one of the deepest lakes in the world. If you ever get the opportunity to go out and visit the site, you will not be sorry. The water sparkles with a tone of blue that is unseen in the water out here in California and truly captures the eye. (The photo was taken by my iphone but unfortunately I was alone so I couldn’t jump in the picture)



  1. I always enjoy to spend time in nature. Being outside in nature makes me feel more alive, The largest lake in the world is Caspian lake in IRAN . I used to spend time there and your text shoot me back to my memories. The Caspian Sea is generally regarded as the Largest Lake in the World, it contains an Oceanic Basin, and its boundary stretched countries of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia. Caspian covers 371,000 squares Km with length of 1,199 km and 78,200 cubic km of water. The Deepest part of this lake is 1,025 meters. So the Caspian Sea regarded as ‘Oceanic Lake’ Geologically.

    1. That’s awesome how you are just as big a fan of the nature as I am, I like to appreciate the nice and simple things in life, things that so many people take forgranted. It’s cool to know where the largest lake in the world is located. So when visiting the Caspian Lake or Sea is there many tourist activities that can be done such as guided tours or maybe boat rides across the lake? Is the lake closed for fishers or people enjoying water activities. As far as Crater Lake is concerned, it is closed off for public use and is Government property but they offer guided boat tours which I recommend if you are ever in the area.

  2. That is a pretty cool picture. I am glad to have inspired you, The history of how the lake was formed is amazing. It’s pretty cool how it took many years for that lake to be where it is now.

    1. Yeah that’s what makes the place even more beautiful, knowing how it came to be what it is. I forgot to mention that the name of the island that you see in the picture is called Wizard Island, which you can actually visit through a boat guided trip, so whenever you get the chance to visit Crater Lake in Oregon make sure to take the tour.

  3. Beautiful lake:). Thanks for sharing this information with us. I grew up in the Urals region of Russia which is known for its mountains, lakes, forests, and rivers. The eastern side of the Urals Mountains is considered to be a border between Europe and Asia so I guess I am half European and half Asian:). I also was lucky to visit Lake Baikal in Siberia which is the seventh largest lake in the world. It is also the oldest, clearest and deepest lake in the world. It is insanely beautiful; I wish I could post a picture of it here. Lake Baikal is one of the few reasons why I would want to come back to Russia:).

    1. Thanks for the comment Ekaterina. I fell in love with the lake at first glance and returned for a picnic the very next week after my first time because the sight of it was relaxing and made you realize how beautiful the world really is. Oregon actually has a lot of beautiful forests as well, with green trees covering the land further than the eye can see. Oregon is overall a beautiful state. When you described this Lake Baikal as the clearest lake in the world, I immediately began to imagine how nice it would be to visit a lake with crystal clear water. I am going to have to write that into my bucket list.

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