It’s time for Dodgers Baseball

It's time for Dodgers Baseball

World Series kind of Year



  1. I take it you are a Dodgers fan!? Dodgers’ games are so much fun to go too. No matter where you are seated, you always have a great time! I am actually going the the Dodgers vs. Angels game in a couple weeks, so I am pretty excited. It’s right before the actual season starts, so we will see if both times are ready to start for opening day. I’ve actually never seen the Dodgers vs. the Angels; I’m happy it will be my first time. I bet it will be sort of like a rival game, which will make it a lot of fun. Do you go to Dodgers’ games often? Where do you usually sit?

    1. I am a huge Dodger fan!! I apologize for the delay on the reply. Anyways, I have been cheering for the boys in blue ever since I was 8 and my godfather would take me to the games because they would give him tickets at work. I think one of the things that made me fall in love with the team even more was how they would give away items when I would attend the games, I still have some of the binders and lunchboxes I received from them over 10 years ago!! I hope you are not a follower of the so called other Los Angeles team, the Angels. Lol. I am actually going to my second Dodger game this year on Friday when they face their rivals the San Francisco Giants. I recommend if you ever want to catch a game last minute and get a killer deal on tickets, check out the website Stubhub and you will get amazing deals. I remember going to a dodger game last year for about $2 tickets!

  2. I liked to play baseball in High School with my friends but I never really understood the rules. I still watch it on TV sometimes, but it isn’t fun when you don’t understand how a sport works. I found American football boring and didn’t comprehend why so many people liked it until I learned a little bit more about it; it is so much different, and I even got to play it ( without a helmet), which was a huge mistake because I ended up in the hospital with a busted eyebrow. I had to get stitches, and haven’t played any sports since then. I’ll try to learn more about baseball whenever I have free time.

    1. Hey Ccolindres 21, I too played baseball during high school and actually had played baseball since I was about 8 years old so if there’s any questions you have regarding a particular rule or any part of the game let me know. There’s a tradition of playing football without any pads or a helmet on Thanksgiving which is called the Turkey Bowl, and I like to participate in it every year but as you mentioned it can become very dangerous and you wouldn’t be the first to have suffered from a busted eyebrow or any sort of injury. Stitches being a result from playing that game is not uncommon, but anyways hope you give baseball, Dodgers baseball to be specific, a chance.

  3. I have to admit I am not a sports fan, the most I’ve watched is basketball once in a blue moon and the World Cup when it looks interesting, only because Batistuta from Argentina is kind of cute. But usually sports don’t grab my attention. My co worker loves the dodgers and gets tickets and takes her kids all the time. They always ask me to go, but really it’s just not my thing.

    1. Yeah everyone has their interests and it definitely does not make you wrong in not being a sports fan. If you have not done so I highly recommend attending a Dodgers game, preferably in the night time to avoid the hot sun shining down on you. It can take a toll on you especially without sunblock. If you are willing to give them a chance, I recommend you attend a Friday night game during the season. The games usually begin at 7:10 p.m. when played at night and every Friday night game is concluded with a fireworks show for all the fans in attendance. It is definitely one of the best ways to spend a Friday night during summer.

  4. This is a great picture! My family and I really want to go soon. We went long time ago. We had so much fun. It was noisy, crazy, and exciting.! We ate a lot of fast food during the game and at the end of it there were fireworks. Since I moved in to the U.S. I have been a doggers’ fan.
    And I think I like it so much because I love baseball. It was an important part in my childhood. My neighbors and I used to play outside all day long until it got dark. I don’t play baseball anymore, but I like to watch the doggers!
    Keep posting interesting pictures Jaime!

  5. Go Dodgers! I think baseball is just something our Mexican state loves. We do not have a soccer team like the rest of our Mexican states but our baseball team is decent. I remember we won first place in Mexico last year. I just do not remember in what league. I think it was the children’s league. This picture brought good memories back in deed. I used to play softball back in grade school and in ninth grade in high school. I always been a dodgers fan but I have always liked playing more than watching.
    I hope you post more to your blog about yourself. It was a pleasure meeting you and working on our culture project together.

  6. Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s go! I have to tell you, initially I wasn’t much of a fan of baseball, just found it so boring. But now I can’t go a season without going to a few games. Nachos, Dodger dogs, beer and Dodger baseball? Yeah can’t go wrong there!

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